Run For Home

Hmmm...80's retro therapy session. We like to fuck the listener a little bit on the intro.

7 times 7 times

I saw death close before my twentieth

It could’ve been other people,

There’s demons here, theres plenty fit

Believe in soul existence

The lord is my own commitment

We could be gone in an instant

& I need a fucking assistant

I dont owe nothing to nobody

I’m coming in the room with a gold body

Aint here to play aint mon ami

Looking at my girl like oh mommy

Never with a bird like coach bobby

Put on god thats walahe

Seen old foes and they so salty

You seen that kid with his possy?

Letting it ring for the ART

Roll a lil loud and a state car peak

Sometimes got stress, and it aint our week

Aint working out, aint ate all week

Smile cos you gotta be fake all geeked

Please dont call me I just want peace

Still got nightmares whenever I sleep

Monsters stand by the bed on my feet

I disappear when im in despair

I’m blacking out while I’m in mid air

Head to Laguardia, land in Ohare

The toughest to swallow is nobody cares

Everyone got their own after affairs

I wanna be home already to decompress

Im sending a prayer

God were halfway there

It’s like we were so close to catching the train but momma need her cigarettes

I got Omens , dark moments

Highly capable of, self conscious self defeat

Always wrong, when I tweak

But I gotta get there, I gotta get there

Mami know im so papi

I’m coming in the room with a gold body

Everybody envy and its so funny

Bitch im bent like origami

I can tell who you are and your MO

She want that fucking endo

She stay in Angeleno

We get the bag and then go

I like that, I like that

No colors, all white black

We got that, that chronic

The henny, that night pack

That green, that blooming

That purple, that lilac

Sold your, your dream

I bought it, no buy backs

I get to mid air, and im despair

All that I need is the thunder to clear

Look at the rain say fall over there

Moving the storm, they better prepare

All that I need is a bag and a stage

The music had saved me when nobody came

Still in the love and the happiness stage

My Jordan year and im acting my age

I can’t apologize for being exactly who I was made to be

Take it up with GOD THEN

Cos I omens, dark moments

Out the fire comes a pretty lotus

& I will be

dont worry about me

worry about your damn self

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