Beach Bums

So my first blog post in 7 months is here. I figured I would write this publicly because it might serve some sort of purpose for someone else. Often I just document my life on social media and leave it there for consumption verses taking the time to actually write about my feelings on things in a proper way, and today I figured I would take this approach.

Yesterday I held the Sota Gang Beach Party at White Sands Beach in Minneapolis, and much like many things that I put on, I never have any idea how it's gonna go. There was a genuine desire to get everyone together on a hot summer day and forget about the Twitters, Instagrams, problems, day jobs, and just spend the day hanging out with friends, and making new ones. The arrivals started at about noon and by 12:45PM we had everyone working together to clean up the trash that had overtaken the bea

ch (DON'T LITTER). Shortly after we had the grill going, drinks in the cooler, and plenty of water guns. The first few hours are always the most interesting because I get to watch people come out of their shell, and let go of any social walls they may be putting up. New faces start to interact and by 4PM we are in a euphoric state of pure summer bliss. The idea was to set up a few game possibilities, and have everyone bring a little something to contribute to the vibes..they showed out. My phone was basically dead all day and I didn't give a shit. By the 6:30 PM mark we had all played more sports than we thought possible & started an all out water war (so great). Everybody was 10 years old for a day, and we all got a little wasted..the night ended around 8PM and we had so much help bringing everything up so we didnt have to make multiple trips. Thank you to everyone that came out. I was ecstatic to see everyone having the time of their lives. Let's do this again soon.

Special thanks to Cory for the grill & volleyball net, Austin for the food, Sierra for the volleyball, KZ for the snacks & drinks, and everyone else who brought anything!

Much love, Pharaoh

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