The Headliner

Like a lot of things, I don't plan on writing blogs, which I should. Setting a schedule for myself to do the things necessary to bring you guys closer into my world is something I should be pushing myself to do. New year, so I guess well mark it as one of my goals, but even if it was just another Wednesday I would decide to overcome this obstacle. My manager called me on NYE and asked if I was excited for a fresh new year..I told him no, every day is a new year, but the more I thought on it, I really went through a lot of change and bullshit in 2018, and although it was a lot to deal with, the final quarter of the year was a big bang, with a lot of love and success for myself and those around me. 2019 is the year of the bag. I vowed to my team that every month we will do something epic, and then top it the following month. These are promises I will keep. A big part of where the mixtape title "The Headliner" comes from is that I often feel an urge to be the first to set a fire in people. I like to be the first to say what no one will say, or what people feel and may not know how to say. The project has a lot of that inside. It is okay to be sad, or fearful, or in love, or big yourself up. Being a human and expressing those feelings in my music is how I breath. It was essentially a bunch of therapy sessions over sonic landscapes that Realistic Productions provided. When we started on it, we had "I Love the Feel" and "God Sometimes I Need Help" finished by the time we had Mufasa Is Dead Out and Realistic had said he thinks we should release another project before the year finishes..I told him no. Shortly after that, we had 5 songs, then 7..I realized that I had a lot of things to express still. Now that the dust had settled on Mufasa Is Dead, I could see who I was, what life was looking like, and once again battling my old demon, Seasonal Affective Disorder. "CBD" became the sonic representation of the moments when I pull out my happy light and need 30 minutes to rejuvenate myself. I call the last 4 songs the SAD section. By the time we got to 11 songs, I had a completed season of therapy in the books, and felt I had created something for every mood I was in for the past 2 months. I found love and wrote "Avocado/Moving Fast" and "The Dream Sequence" and it was a big relief to make something happy, beautiful, and not aggressive. Headlining my thoughts, headlining my visions, and headlining my team to victory. I'm back at my day job right now, watching people peruse this store, and I cant help but feel grateful that it is only a matter of time until I never work something outside of art ever again. The biggest advice I can give to any single one of you is to invest your energy as wisely as you invest your money, and you should be investing your money into yourself, and so the energy should follow. I am going to head back into my Sota Gang group chat and continue to develop ideas for bringing you guys experiences this year. I promise to give you all 50000%. Go check out the mixtape now!!

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