needless to say that my mind is too focused

Whaddup. At Starbucks filling up the calendar and writing out my bills for the month. Yesterday it really started to set on me that I am moving to LA in January no matter what. In all my life I have been extremely blessed to travel and see a lot of the country, but have never gone to move somewhere with the soul purpose of chasing my goals. I don't really have anything planned for it at all, but I do know I'm excited, and it's a part of my destiny. KZ & I had a brainstorming meeting the other day about new content we're planning on giving to you guys. I thoroughly enjoy the aspect of single life where I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, so when we brainstorm the possibilities are endless. Theres this record I have almost gotten finished, its probably gonna be the next record I release, its called "Outta My Mind" & this could definitely be "the one" (NO SWEAR WORDS IN IT WTF). The sound I'm taking on right now is a bit more low-fi and repetitive as far as production is concerned. People compliment my natural voice, which I guess is cool, so I'm trying to incorporate a lot less of the fuckery I put my voice through, which I do prefer personally. Quick side note, there is a couple next to me at Starbucks feeding each other food and I want to throw up.

Anyways, this week I discovered that I had an idea that worked, which was to go to the MN State Fair, and give out free waters while blaring my music in exchange for social media follows. That shit worked like a charm, and I am more than excited to get my ass back out there much more this week. Usually KZ has all the good ideas, I just make the good music. But this time, it was me. So take that! The goal this month is to really create an undeniable buzz around "Pharaoh" before heading back out to LA for the next string of meetings.

Today is my day to catch up on all of my procrastination tasks like laundry and phone calls I've been needing to make. In my head this seems like an all day thing, but I will probably be done within a couple hours, and then it's back to obsessing over these records. I gave my cousin my TV & Xbox because I have to be productive at all times that I'm not hanging out with people. Last night I will admit, I tried to go downstairs and watch the new season of El Chapo, and its been so long since I've just laid down and watched TV that I maybe lasted 15 minutes, needless to say that my mind is too focused.

Life is good, and life is what you make it. Take a mental moment and have an uncomfortable conversation with yourself about all the things you know you need to fix within, then move forward, and you will be free. Have a good week guys!! I love every single person reading this shit!!!

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