I don't have a good name for this one

Social media drowns me sometimes. You get lost at sea looking for the little gems. The favor returned by karma for being online and having easy access to talking to people is the constant feed of bullshit. It sucks, but I'm learning to tune it out. My EP is out now, I'm sitting down & thinking on all of the thoughts I had when writing the material. A lot of the project is spoken fantasy, or spoken reflection. It's less "here I am, this is whats going on" and more in the realm of abstract reality. I remember writing "I Think I Am High" & having this massive desire to say specific words that capture the feeling. That song is me trying to musically embody having really high sex with someone. My words drift off sometimes though, but thats a part of my style. My mind races a lot, and its only right that I match that energy in the music. Realistic Productions really captured that output of creativity & turned the song into a psychoactive drug. Dope shit. I wish we had more of a budget for videos. I would have done 5 videos for the project. Each song means something entirely different. I feel like an iPod on shuffle these days. I always have different moods to make different sounds. Naturally, I can convey thoughts & emotions way easier through music. That's a lot about what I wrote "awkward" for..Asking myself "How would I shoot my shot as this awkward individual?" & put it as a song. "Columbia Heights" is about my hate for nostalgia but having this longing to just reminisce for a moment. I don't know how to express these things outside of music.

It's tough to balance yourself. Half of the time I feel I don't do enough of the right thing on social media, and overthink on the perception. That's a bad habit, I discovered it this week and will fix it immediately. I like to do that a lot these days. Catch things I need to stop doing, and stop doing them. I went to a rave last night. I can't hear that well. But it was a lot of fun. I don't do Molly, so I just drank a lot & enjoyed my blunt beforehand. EDM is really lit, and once you lose yourself, its easy to understand why it is such a big movement. Of course I make hip hop, so that scene always feels like home, but it was really dope to experience this new side.

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