When The Best Life Is Lived

I see a lot of active site members going to the blog page to check if I've uploaded a new one, which is cool. Here's a new blog.

A lot, and I mean a lot has changed since my last blog. It's really cool, and I could get extremely personal about my findings over the past couple weeks but I don't have it in me to publicly speak on some things that I prefer to leave alone. I will say I'm single. I will say that the decisions that I make in life, in terms of major things, I would not do unless I was absolutely sure of. I will say that I am happy & am thankful for people respecting my privacy. Sometimes in life, especially as you get older, you have to be more honest with yourself. Brutally honest, and thats okay. It's better than being a constant liar. Haha. Moving on, I came here to the Starbucks by my house because it always refreshes my mind to go where I can absorb peoples energy, and for the most part, all energy at Starbucks is good energy. Last night I had a meeting with Amanda Yang and Keny Grey about this ridiculously cool beach party we're throwing Saturday & we spent most of it off topic discussing life, and various things. It felt good. The more I have tried to work hard and put good energy out into the world, the more I naturally am meeting and connecting with people who share my mindset. They both inspire me a ton, both have so many good ideas and are extremely creative individuals. I really feel that Kanye tweet to be around your tribe, which in my case is creative people. It make you feel less awkward, because everyone in your tribe is on the same level of awkward that you are, which in turn makes the abnormal normal. I have essentially been working around the clock on pushing forward goals and networking. It feels incredible to wake up with such a big desire to elevate your life. Gym daily as well. I took my shirt off to get in the shower yesterday and my arms looked cool, so I called my cousin and told him. These are the moments I am living for. The little ones and the big ones. Next focus of course is dropping this EP and getting things set to get the fuck back to LA. In order to send the music to Spotify playlists the EP had to be delayed, but its fine, it'll not only be worth it, but I'm gonna upload this demo to my secret web page tonight and let people listen to it. It's untitled, but I have been writing it for about a month now, and figure I need to stop just rapping it out loud, and record it, so I did. I have to go return this fog machine that I have been procrastinating on and then finish mixing for my clients all day! It has been fun blabbering for a few minutes. Thank you to everyone who reads this, it means a lot to connect with the people and I feel this is just another way of preventing me from writing 8 statuses a day.

Here is a picture of how my spirit feels right now

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