Your purpose is big, so what is it?

Yes, I know, I missed out on doing a blog last week. Nonetheless, I'm here now. It's about 11:22 AM & I just tried freshie for the first time! I have been sick as fuck for about 3 days now and today is peak sickness. My best friend suggested taking ginger, and explained all of the benefits, so when I saw that they had a juice "red power" with ginger and a bunch of other healthy shit, I couldn't resist (except for the fact that it came out to $7..). Let's get back in touch though..I've been going through every possible aspect of this listening event we decided to put together to showcase my latest EP "Chaos of an Aries" because we don't have much of a budget to work with, but wanted to still throw something for the people that support, and just have to face to face time to chill. I want to go into detail on what our plan is, but I don't wanna set the bar high, or ruin the outcome, I'll just let the actions speak. The EP got mastered yesterday by realistic productions, which is dope, because thats another thing I get to cross off my list, now its just on my graphics guy to get the cover done by Wednesday so we can submit to streaming platforms. Quick change of subject, I wanted to express this deep thought I had yesterday while in a conversation: so...when regular people get married, and have kids, and move into a house, what happens after? Is that just it? Do you stop trying to excel and take over the world? I could never just be completely satisfied with how life is, and stop having major goals. I obviously am all for marriage and kids, I want that, and will have it. its a beautiful thing. But the just getting a house and doing the same shit every day, with a vacation maybe once a year and a camping trip in the summer. That sounds like trash. I want to keep pushing until I die and I hope a lot of people feel that way too. Satisfaction should be used to either describe sex or being complacent. The older I get, the more I see people kind of stop with the goal chasing that used to be very alive in their soul, and just get comfortable, satisfied, with it all kind of staying stagnant. Soul searching, traveling, sky diving (never doing that), scuba diving, opening new businesses, helping those in need, making a difference, those are all important things to me. When you look into the stars at night do you feel immaculate? Or do you feel your place is meaningless? Because despite the people who might say that everything has no meaning, and we're just small pieces in a galaxy, our souls are special. Do things that make you feel bigger when you look into the sky. Your purpose is big, so what is it? Don't waste it. Shit that was really off subject, but this is my blog, so I make the subject. Even if it doesn't flow well. Anyways...EP listening event this Friday. Good vibes.






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