I Promise I'm Not Crazy

I want to be like a plant that grows and doesn't stop. I think I may have a fetish for growth, challenge, and power over self. This is my 3rd day in a row of getting 4 hours of sleep, and I feel that I am defeating sleep, and giving myself more power for opportunity and growth. Sitting inside of my skin, and becoming comfortable feels amazing. I was listening to my EP last night & felt so content with how this is turning out. Lyrics are better and more vivid than they ever have been, and in each song we've made, there is something below the surface. There is an emotion, a story, a presence of something hidden. That feels good. I can't wait to show you guys. Today is day 1 back on my non vacation diet, so I just had some yogurt, and am downing some antioxidant beverage as this is being typed. Getting right with myself is the key, because self is the center of it all. Sometimes you may ask yourself "is this really how this guy thinks all the time? talks?" the answer is yeah, this is whats on my mind at 10:31 AM. Gotta finish up this google doc for the plans on Thursday for the photo and video shoot for the EP as well as get these plans together for a listening session. I want to bring 20 people in a room, and present to them the same exact vibe that I had going on while making the project. It makes for a better experience and understanding of my process. Intimacy, everything I do is intimate. It's me & the beat. My paintbrush & the canvas. Growing into my skin means the lyrics have evolved to a place of no concern over anyones thoughts on the lyrics, and just a lot of concern over conveying emotion. No hiding places. Look out for that date & time for the listening party, but anyways, my spiritual awakening has been going well. Half of me wants to go and hike somewhere on some random super free spirit shit, the other half just wants to move into the studio and live on the couch. My mind is at the summit of a great opening & it feels dope. Dont ever let anyone tell you that anything comes before getting right with yourself. You cannot truly be right in any other areas in life until you're right with yourself & God. I dont know what the fuck im saying at this point...I hope we get a game of thrones trailer soon.

I love talking, and having crazy conversations, so hit me up if you ever wanna get weird.

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