Shooting Lightning From My Fingers

If you only had one very very nice pen, were talking the golden throne for pens, would you only use it to write the important things? Or would everything you write then become important? Now use this to think on life. I really aint shit, so take what I say lightly, or don't. Regardless, stop analyzing. Just do. It's 11:20 in Orlando & I am looking at this crazy ass piece of art I found on a generator, listening to Tory Lanez (again and again...Hes got this B Side that I really like, its from 2015). I have written much more than ever before lately. Like its fresh and new to me. Your electric charges are meant to be used to shoot crazy lightning from your fingers and obliterate everything. I use it to write. When I'm happy, my songs sound happy, when I'm sad, even the songs I want to make happy sound sad in a way. Being an artist is way cooler than just being someone cool, with a motorcycle or lots of tattoos, beach body, etc. Because I have the ability to get messages across, and make people feel what I feel. That's why I wanted to call my project The Chaos Of An Aries. Because through Realistic Productions crazy ass beats, and my chaos, you will know when you hear, its tough to explain. Heres a few standout lines from the project that stood out to me, looking back on them. Make of them what you want, its your experience.

"In these no human rights days/ Nothing I might say, can fight fate"

- Columbia Heights (Track from The Chaos of an Aries)

"I could talk music/but that shit is useless/ you know me by my first name"

- Syncopate (Track from The Chaos of an Aries)

"Mind games, walking on a mine field/ You got me in my feels/ tryna keep my mind still/ Talk until the vibes real/ I can tell your mind's healed/ See you had some bad men/ I watched through the glass & what happened?"

- Awesome! (Track from The Chaos of an Aries)

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