For Instance

This week was well, I kind of sat here for a moment and tried to think of how I can describe it. I guess it had its ups and downs. Last week started with a heated father son debate about a few things. One thing I noticed that my father and I have in common is we tend to both jump into a hot head mode when things make us upset, so it takes a little bit for us to cool off and make sense of things. I finalized the cruise that I will be going on in May with Madison and it's exciting. I have never been on the ocean before in that manner so this might be a bit nervewracking for me at first, whatever. I was supposed to do this Tee Grizzley show but things fell through and sometimes I let my pride get the best of me, well, at the end of it, God has a plan, so everything happens for a reason. This week I want to finish up this track I started on with NIKO SLIM titled "Blame It On Them". It's another hard rap track, which I think may be where my creativity lies right now. It could be the frustration I've been feeling lately, or just giving me something to blare in my car, whatever the reason in my headspace is, I will follow it as I always do. I started going back to the gym, which really feels like it clears up my head a bunch by the time I leave, I also have found it to be easier to write songs on the days that I go to the gym. To be honest, I hate working out, so much like with training a dog, I need a reward to myself for going...Thats the LA Fitness hot tub that I cant get enough of. I get to put my phone away and just think to myself. Anyways, I wrote a few statuses that I feel spoke to a lot of people, they were about female rights and the way they should be respected. Women kept telling me thank you for it, which was odd, because I'm just saying how I feel. Its awesome, im glad someone feels comfort in my posts. I apologize for using the word "bitch" in my music, I just enjoy swear words in my music, it adds to the level of depth when I am trying to say something...For instance...actually, I'll refrain from a rant on my word choices. Just know, I respect women to the fullest. Tonight I am headed back to the studio to continue work and progress on my dreams...I may have an awesome internship coming soon too, but I'll hopefully more on that for you next week....With that being said, the picture today is on Wednesday when my love & I went to this random park while we were waiting for dinner to be ready. We find ourselves in different places all the time and its so fun. She really does bring out the absolute best in me. I wake of every day feeling like im going on vacation, guess thats true love yall...Peace and love. Have a good week.

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