Good Vibes Only

You know, this being my first blog post & all, is pretty exciting. My manager KZ has been getting at me to finally log in and take on this blog post after I initiated the idea a few months ago. I'm currently sitting in the Cafe at my school with a coffee and my sunglasses on the table. I just got contacts about a month ago so I pretty much wear sunglasses whenever I get the chance. This really has nothing to do with anything but I wanted to throw it out there. I will be posting on here weekly & talking a little bit about what is happening around me. Sometimes may be more personal than others, sometimes I may just talk about music the entire time. As you probably know, I released the album about 2 months ago, and afterwards I spent a lot of time living and surrounding myself with friends because I heavily blocked myself from the real world while making this project. My muse came back into my life and that kind of signaled for me that it is time to dive into the music again. I can't talk too much about what is to come and all of the things we are working on, because I love to have people anticipate. I have seen posts that my friends will screenshot and send me and it is very humbling to see my name starting to reach people. I have been really big on young thug recently because he uses his voice as a paintbrush like me. So lately when I have been going into the studio I often have been playing around with melodies and voice bending in addition with the writing. I feel I am in a strong enough place skill-set wise to kind of take my own route and certainly don't give a fuck about what anyone else is doing with their music. I have also been dabbing a lot and using the word finesse & I enjoy it very much. I go through phases of certain annoying habits I develop. I also have moved up from 1 cup of coffee to about 3 a day. This is where I am at right now. The holidays are coming and it is going to be terrible without Jakob this year. I don't want to wake up on Thanksgiving or Christmas. At least I will have my family and red wine. I think I might release some music next week, still deciding if the song is right to release right now. Well see. With that being said, here is a work of art I found and want to share with you. My mood relates to this today.

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